The British Citizen Corporate Award (BCAs)


This programme is an important tool to thank your colleagues for their astounding efforts during the Coronavirus pandemic. It can also be added as part of your Employee Engagement programme through peer-to-peer voting on intranet, online, by post or via leadership nomination to identify the deserving medalists.

Going forward, you may add to your tally of medalists by recognising individuals for exceptional endeavour within the workplace using this programme as the ultimate incentive scheme. The British Citizen Corporate Award is only available to Corporations and Organisations.

Every organisation has those people within it that excel, who over-deliver, who turn up and make a difference. These people deserve recognition. They are enabling the return of economic growth, which is so important to our return to ‘business-as-usual’. Whether they are essential or keyworkers in the current accepted sense or not, they are clearly key to the economic recovery that the UK is aiming to make.

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Recent events have proven what many believed to be true, that up and down the UK everyday people who work in the NHS, care sector, emergency services, offices, factories, supply chain, retail, utilities, telecommunications, manufacturing and refuse collection are true community heroes. The British Citizen Corporate Award has been developed so that they may be recognised for the vital role they play in British society.

The unifying factor this year, has been the Fight Against Covid-19. This elevated many unsuspecting members of the workforce to essential and keyworker status at a stroke. But it also triggered the consciousness of our nation in how important every single worker is, how vital their role is, and how grateful we as a nation are.




Honour your colleagues with The British Citizen Award Medal (BCA) or recommend The British Citizen Award Certificate of Recognition for their outstanding endeavours in the workplace during these unprecedented times and to say, ‘thank you’.