The British Citizen Corporate Award (BCAs)

Recognition for exceptional endeavour in the Workplace Community. 


Medal of Honour (BCAs)

Medals will be distributed at the ratio of two per cent of the number of recommendations made, e.g., 1000 recommendations equals 20 medals. The medals come in a presentation box, have The British Citizen Award inscription on the front ‘For the Good of the Country’, and the reverse will be engraved with words decided by your organisation.

Certificate of Recognition

Any number of  employees can be recommended. A Certificate of Recognition when granted, represents the high regard the organisation has for the individual’s endeavours. All certificates contain the embossed British Citizen Award Golden Seal, feature the name of the recommender are signed by the BCA Founder and one of its valued Patrons 

More than Recognition – A Legacy

This is the highest civil recognition available to organisations and is a legacy award which is personalised by organisation. The recipients of the Medals will join The British Corporate Citizen Award ‘Roll of Honour’ published on the website, having their names recorded for time immemorial. The medals will be engraved with a short personal message from the organisation, and the CEO or chosen leadership team member will be named as the Recommender on all Certificates.