The British Citizen CEO Honours (BCHs) – Medal of Honour

The most influential recognition that a CEO can bestow

For individuals who make a significant difference in the workplace community

Adds value and a higher tier to any existing employee engagement programme

Internally delivered – externally validated

The effect the British Citizen CEO Honours has…

…on participating organisations is to inspire and motivate. It provides your CEO the unique opportunity to recommend colleagues for a Medal in recognition of their outstanding contribution within their workplace. Furthermore, it provides recipients with a life-long legacy from their working career.

The benefits derived from the British Citizen CEO Honours are…

…kudos, gravitas, and providing lasting recognition for your colleagues. You get to provide a legacy; medalists are able to use letters after their names and appear on the Roll of Honour forever. Your organisation will benefit as the Award becomes aspirational when part of an annual programme. 

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Let's talk...

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First step to reevaluating your company culture

A culture of recognition develops engaged and loyal employees. Making employee appreciation integral to your workplace culture can be achieved through meaningful and intentional practices

More than Recognition – A Legacy

This is the highest national civil recognition available to organisations and is a legacy which is personalised by the organisation. The recipients of the Medals will join The British Citizen Award ‘Roll of Honour’ published on the website, having their names recorded for time immemorial. The medals will be engraved with a short personal message from the organisation, and the CEO or chosen leadership team member will be named as the Recommender on all Certificates.