Bradley Walsh 
Actor / Television Presenter

Championing the work that these amazing people do for others is a great honour and I only hope I can do them justice. Just reading about the contribution that today’s recipients have made to our society is truly humbling –  continue to light up the world with your selflessness”. 

Michael Underwood
Television Presenter

Having presented the very first British Citizen Award medal presentations in 2015, it’s a real honour to be a patron and be able to continue meeting the incredible people being recognised and honoured for their contribution to society.”

Kimberly Wyatt
Singer (Pussycat Dolls) / Television Presenter


“As a patron of The British Citizen Youth Award, I feel privileged to help create a platform to celebrate the incredible achievements of these young people. Many of these kids have faced turmoil in their own lives yet still choose to be selfless and help others – you are the future”. 

Ashley Banjo
Dancer (Diversity) / Television Presenter

“We live in a world where the news agenda is largely dominated by violence, criminality and drugs, where young people are often depicted as being the problem and rarely the solution. The British Citizen Youth Award turns that on its head. It generates positive press for the young people being recognised today”.

Matt Allwright
TV Presenter, Journalist & Musician

“I am genuinely honoured to share in your celebration as the Nation says thank you to special individuals with The British Citizen Award.  I am amazed at the generosity, warmth, kindness and humility of those being honoured.  Your medal will serve as a constant reminder of your recognition, and using the BCA letters after your name will signify your achievement to the wider world.”

Kay Alexander
Former BBC News Presenter

“To be involved with such an uplifting programme as this, is a very welcome aside from the usual humdrum and negativity of the day-to-day news agenda. Those being recognised are truly worthy of recognition of the highest order for their endeavours of selfless giving for the good of others. We also recognise the endeavours of the nominators in bringing to our attention such a fine body of people for us to honour”.

Larry Lamb
TV Actor & Author

“I am moved by the humility of people, their selflessness, their positivity and their can-do attitude. It is the actions of the people being recognised today that contribute so much to communities up down the country – and it makes me enormously proud to facilitate this event in this most fitting of establishments. This is the nation’s opportunity to show you its gratitude – so thank you one and all.”

Fiona Phillips
Journalist & Broadcaster

“Presenting The British Citizen Award Medals has been a fantastic and humbling day. The kindness, caring and selfless giving we have witnessed is truly overwhelming and I feel privileged to have shared in your celebration, so thank you for having me. All of us are humbled by the actions of the 31 people honoured, long may you continue to make an impact and may you inspire others to follow your lead”

Nick Knowles
TV Presenter & Author

“When I was invited to become a Patron of The British Citizen Award,  it was an opportunity that I jumped at. It is uplifting, moving and emotional to see everyday people getting this recognition of the highest order. It is humbling to see some of the sacrifices these people make for the benefit of others. I look forward to playing whatever small part I can in making their recognition even more special”.