Michael Underwood, Vin Patel BCAc and Wendy Pretten (Places for People)

Places for People…

is a leading UK affordable homes led-placemaker. We believe that places work when they work for everyone, and these places are designed for the long term, with sustainable value at their core. Delivering social impact by taking a commercial approach is what makes us different.

We’re made up of 20 Group businesses, each working to build sustainable communities for all.

We make a long-term commitment to help communities thrive and be sustainable.

All our companies share a promise – to put people first, and treat everyone honestly, courteously and fairly.

We are very proud to be supporting The British Citizen Award which celebrates the positive impact each of the medalists is having on their communities. On behalf of Places for People, I  would like to extend my thanks and congratulations to each and every one of the recipients for their truly inspirational contributions”

Wendy Pretten,
MD, England, Affordable Housing
Places for People