Matt Allwright, Dawn Murray BCAh
and Tom Brown, Places for People

 Places for People is the UK’s leading Social Enterprise. We change lives by creating and supporting thriving communities.  Our business consists of complementary companies that are market leaders in placemaking, regeneration and development, investment management, property management and leisure. Working together, we have the expertise and reach, to create and manage entire communities, providing homes, service support and infrastructure that enable our communities to thrive.

We believe in the power of partnerships and through working collaboratively we create communities and provide people opportunities and choice in a way that few organisations can match. 

 “A community is only as strong as its most vulnerable members, and as the UK’s leading Social Enterprise, creating thriving communities that deliver social value is at the heart of our approach.

This year’s British Citizen Award recipients echo our belief that people make communities great places to live and epitomize the diverse ways that social value can improve people’s lives.

Every Medalist should be immensely proud of their contribution to creating a sustainable and resilient place to live”.

Tom Brown
Director of living Plus
Places for People