We would like to express our thanks to the growing number of The British Citizen Award Ambassadors. Each has either received a BCA Medal of Honour for their exceptional endeavours or attended a Medal Presentation Ceremony in an official capacity.

Our Ambassadors speak with one voice and are our most loyal supporters in all regions of the British Isles. They are true to our core values – transparency, integrity, determination, achievement – and promote and support the BCA at every opportunity and we are truly grateful to them.

Reece Ryan BCAv, BCA Ambassador

Reece Ryan BCAv 
Raised over £1m for a number of charities and is Ambassador for the James Bulger Trust. Reece participates in the Rainbow Run/NSPCC and Once Upon a Smile, his initiatives raise an enormous amount for the charity.

Shane Yerrell BCAc  
A victim of a knife attack in 2007, Shane found the courage to set up a registered charity called ‘Through the Fight’ – a platform to help raise funds for people who also face difficult situations and improve their quality of life.

Sayd Ahmed BCAhon
Sayd is devoted to his community and raised over £150k for different organisations. He supports the Multicultural Friendship Association and also continues to raise funds to tackle homelessness.

Fred Holland BCAh
Fred started fundraising in 1960. His boundless energy and commitment for his local hospital, who have dedicated the block the ‘Fred Holland Diabetes Centre’. He has raised over £2 million and is still passionate today.

Carlos Dennis BCAv
Carlos has made a positive imact on his community through music, offering gang members an alternavtive to street culture. Carlos launched PINT -People in need today – to help people from all backgrounds.

Naveen Arles BCAa
Naveen Arles has created a number of community choirs to encourage inclusion, anti-isolationism and community cohesion. One of Nav’s choirs, Vocal Shack, is now resident at the BCA Medal Presentation Ceremony.

Andew Baker BCAv
Andrew started fundraising at 14 despite his own health challenges. He has developed his own fundraising organisation ‘play2give’, making a pact to raise funds for the Children’s Hospital. So far, he has raised over £70k and still continuing to raise money.

Courtney Hughes BCAv
Courtney, at the age of 13, started collecting Christmas gifts for those in hospital and the vulnerable in the community. Courtney decided to launch ‘Charity Secret Santa’ and has gifted over £100k. She continues to hand deliver Christmas cheer to those in need.

Ben Forbes BCAc

Ben has overcome barriers to progress his work as a police officer on Youth Engagement in particular with the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic community to co-develop national operations focusing on knife and gang crime.

Benjamin Carpenter BCAe
Benjamin was the youngest gay adopter in the UK and has been the face of single parent adoption ever since. He has four children all with varying disabilites, is a true advocate of adopting children with special needs and mentors potential adopters.

Lorraine Sass BCAe
David Campbell BCAe

Lorraine and David set up the ‘David Campbell Soccer School’ to bring communities together through sport. Lorraine promotes women’s football, and is the architect of ‘Hear the Cheer’, a sign language intiative promoting inclusion of deaf people in sport.

LeighAnne Wright BCAv
LeighAnne is the founder of baby bereavement charity, Little Things & Co. Moved by the plight of a family who had lost their premature child and could not find any clothes for the baby’s funeral, LeighAnne stepped up and provided a suitable outfit.

Dr Peter Minto BCAe

Dr Minto has led an exceptional life of public service, which has seen a young man take on and succeed in one of the most difficult professions. He has worked with category A prisoners and compiled ‘A Basic Guide to Making a Will Whilst in Custody’ – free of charge.

Leigh Yates BCAe

After moving from London, Leigh joined the local school PTA to make friends but didn’t want to get too involved. Nine years later, Leigh has raised over £500k for the school, secured funding for sports facilities, raised funds from Interserve to donate £30k to the school to use an empty classroom for art and cooking.

Mayoor Patel BCAo

Mayoor has been fundraising for charity since the age of 13 and raised more than £1.5million for 3 charities, OKAS Fund (Polio children in Uganda), Little Drops Shravana (Hearing impaired children in India) and Milapfest Trust (Arts development in UK). Mayoor is a passionate advocate of ‘education at any cost’.

Torron-Lee Dewar BCAa

Torron set up a dance company Alliance Dance Unit (ADU). Hundreds of people have passed through ADU all benefitting from being away from gangs and crime. ADU now visits schools in the area to inspire young people about wiser options in life and where their aspirations can lead and overcome the negativity of some of the estates in his area.