Guidance Notes

These notes are designed to assist you in the nomination process and to make the experience as straightforward as possible. Should you require any assistance, please contact a BCA team member on: 0203 002 7764 or e:

Please note: Medallists are selected to receive The British Citizen Award (BCA) in recognition for their contribution to society, therefore they are not ‘winners’, as this implies a competition.

Nomination Process

Please complete the nomination form as fully as you possibly can. Before submitting the nomination, you will need to have the form seconded (counter-signed) by a person who knows the nominee and impact they have had on society or local community. This person must not be related to the nominee.

Please supply as much information as possible about the nominee and the specific action/activity for which you wish them to be recognised. Background information and supporting evidence is really useful for the BCA Independent Assessment Panel to evaluate the level of impact the nominated individual has made. If there are elements of the application form that you are unable to complete, either ask the nominee to supply the information to you or let us know (by telephone or email) why you are unable to comment on certain aspects of the form.

The word count on the application is a guide only, if you need to say more about the nominee’s achievements please feel free to do so, it will not be looked upon negatively by the BCA Independent Assessment Panel who ultimately ratify the awarding of BCAs

If you are emailing any supporting information, such as pdfs of newspaper cuttings, references to local TV or Radio broadcasts, comments from other people affected, photographs etc, please add them as attachments when submitting the application form, clearly saved with the nominee’s name and please indicate how many attachments there are in total.

Email your completed nomination (including any attachments) to  for considered in JANUARY or JULY you will receive confirmation stating which medal presentation your nomination  is being considered.

What happens next?

Once we have received your completed nomination form, you will be sent an acknowledgement of receipt. The contents of the nomination form will remain confidential from the Nominee (unless stated otherwise). Where it is necessary to corroborate facts contained in the nomination form, we may have to refer these facts to the nominee but we will contact you in the first instance.

Further information may be required to assist the BCA Assessment Panel in its decision making. Any information requested will need to be supplied to be considered for a BCA.

The BCA Independent Assessment Panel will assess from the information contained in the submission and any other information available in the public domain, if the nomination is to be successful and ratify the decision to award a BCA. In the event that there is insufficient evidence or if the BCA Independent Panel feel unable to grant an award for any other reason, you will be notified in writing of the Panel’s decision, which is binding. Unfortunately, no further correspondence can be entertained, but repeat nominations can be made after one year. Unsuccessful nominees may be eligible to receive a ‘Certificate of Recognition’ (should certain criteria be met).

Once the submission has been seen by the BCA Independent Panel, both the nominator, seconder and the nominee will be notified in writing of the outcome of the nomination. The nominee being awarded a British Citizen Award will be require to sign a ‘Declaration Form’ for permission to publish their details and feature photographs surrounding any media/pr activity within the BCA programme.

An official invitation with notification of the proceedings surrounding the Presentation day will be sent to all successful nominees together with an additional invitation for guests (if space is permitted).

Entry Regulations

Anyone can make a nomination by completing the nomination form and submitting it to us by post or email. Nominations are welcomed from all British citizens from any cultural background who have the right to reside in the UK. Please complete the nomination form accurately giving the reasons for your nomination. In the case of individuals nominating please provide the name and address of at least one other person who supports your nomination.

1) We will send an acknowledgement by email, but we cannot enter into correspondence on the merits of particular nomination while it is being considered or if the nomination is unsuccessful. We may ask you to provide more information about the candidate to enable a final decision.

2) We will inform you regarding the status of your nomination – the BCA Independent Assessment Panel’s decision is final.

Eligibility requirements:

The eligibility requirements:

(1) Nominations are welcomed from candidates who have significantly benefited others in their community or workplace.

(2) Each nomination is appraised by the BCA Independent Assessment Committee who will assess candidates and recommend those suitable for The British Citizen Award (Medal).

(3) Non-British nationals will be considered if their contribution has positively impacted British Society, Communities or Citizens.

(4) Those recognised with a KBE, OBE or MBE are ineligible to be considered for a BCA. Those with a BME or Queen’s Award are eligible. Those awarded a BCA are not exempt from the Queen’s Honours system.

If you require any further information,
please do not hesitate to contact us: 020 3002 7764