Thank you for nominating an inspirational British Citizen for a Medal (BCA).

These frequently asked questions are to assist you completing the application form. If you require advice on any of the categories and/or further information on any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 3002 7764.

Please note: Medallists are selected to receive The British Citizen Award (BCA) in recognition for their contribution to society, therefore they are not ‘winners’, as this implies a competition.

I’m not sure which category to enter?

If you are unsure which category to nominate, either return to the website and review the categories , email: or you can call 0203 002 7764 to speak with one of our advisers who will be happy to assist you.

Is there a cost involved?

No. Nominations are completely FREE OF CHARGE. If the nomination is successful and you wish to attend the presentation day, all associated costs for travel and/or accommodation will have to be met by the individuals attending.

Who can make a nomination?

Any individual can nominate, but nominations must be seconded by another individual (not related to the Nominee). If an organisation is making the nomination there is no requirement to have the application seconded, but an officer of the organisation must sign the declaration.s.

Why should I nominate someone for a BCA?

The honours system is fantastic for the elite few selected, but there are many thousands of people making huge differences in their communities and often sacrificing their own comforts for those of others around them, who until now go unrecognised. By making a nomination you could be catapulting the deserving individual into the spotlight possibly for the first time in their lives. They will be able to use the BCA as measure of their commitment, determination, integrity and transparency in fulfilling their day-to-day tasks. It is a way of recognising their contribution like no other.

What is the closing date for nominations?

We have two presentation ceremonies per year (January and July). If we receive your nomination before 25th October, your nomination will be considered for January presentations, if we receive your nomination before 19th April, your nomination will be considered for July presentations.

What do they get if they are awarded a BCA?

Those granted The British Citizen Award benefit from the prestige and kudos associated with being recognised for their exceptional endeavour in their local community. They will appear on the BCA Roll of Honour and receive formal recognition of their achievement with a presentation Medal & Certificate.

How do I nominate?

Nominating is simple, you just register your interest and we will distribute a Nomination Form to you. Complete the form and return by email or post.

Can I tell someone they have been nominated?

Yes. We urge you to tell the nominee – in many cases it will help you to supply the most accurate information. The nominee will need to sign a declaration and the BCA Independent Assessment Panel will need to verify the authenticity of the nomination so we will contact the nominee in all cases.

What if my nomination is unsuccessful?

We only publicise those individuals that receive a BCA. Individuals unsuccessful this time will remain confidential. Nominations can be resubmitted for the following year but may receive a Certificate of Recognition to mark their nomination (if certain criteria is met). Due to the sheer number of individuals who selflessly give of themselves for the benefit of others not all nomination can be awarded a BCA, but the fact that a nomination has been made, indicates that the nominee has made a significant impact to the nominator.

What if the nomination is successful?

An official invitation together with notification of the proceedings surround the Presentation day at the Palace of Westminster, will be sent to the successful nominee including an additional invitation (attendance is free but associated costs of travel, accommodation etc., will need to be met by individual attendees)

If you require any further information,
please do not hesitate to contact us: 020 3002 7764