Each year only a maximum of 60 adults and 30 children are selected to receive the coveted British Citizen award Medal of Honour. All medalists are an amazing group of individuals who have often supported their causes for many years. They have typically achieved a staggering amount and are worthy of recognition – the recognition doesn’t stop when they are presented their medal. Aside from being invited to use the acronym BCA as a post-nominal, our medalists very often get mentioned by the Local and National Press including Radio and TV about themselves and their causes.

The British Citizen Award (BCA), The British Citizen Youth Award (BCyA) and the 2020 cohort of medalists have so far generated almost 400 pieces of positive media coverage across all forms of media.

 The total number of readers, listeners and viewers has reached almost 44 million – that is 44 million potential supporters, followers, donors, volunteers, helpers or friends who may want to help you achieve more.

So, please ensure you engage with your local media – we are happy to supply you with a draft press release and a language crib sheet – which explains most common mistakes such as ‘winning the award’ as opposed to the correct term ‘being selected to receive the medal’.

For the regional and national approach, we work with our long-term PR Partners Beattie Communications, who will be happy to give guidance if required.



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