Award Categories


There are nine categories where nominations are invited. Only a limited number of BCAs are awarded each year in each category. Each nomination is carefully considered by a panel of expert Assessors and given a rigorous review before moving to the next stage. Often further information or validation will be sought. Nominations declined by the Assessors in no way diminish the achievements of the candidate, and should not be viewed as a negative response, it is simply the criteria which dictates the success of nominations and it is this process which makes the awarding of BCAs so significant to those that receive them.

This programme sits beneath the Honours system, but is more accessible to individuals who are deserving of recognition but fall short of the Honours selection process. The British Citizen Award recognise nominated individuals that have served the community, business, industry, charity, education or the arts. Individuals, charities and businesses can nominate deserving candidates whose submission then goes through the selection and awarding process. Each nomination is first scrutinized for accuracy, if necessary further information is sought. Upon passing the first assessment, applications are forwarded to our Prestigious People Panel for ratification.