Celebrating youth…

The phrase ‘The youth of today, is the leadership of tomorrow’ was truly brought to life at The Palace of Westminster recently when the latest group of young people were bestowed with the British Citizen Youth Award. 24 young individuals and a group of nine were honoured at the ceremony where we witnessed climate crisis and environmental issues recognised alongside fundraising and mental health awareness.

 These incredible young people, aged between five and 18 years, have made such a significant difference in their communities and further afield. From one young person raising over £250,000 to another who has raised awareness of organ donation by 500%, the achievements of this outstanding group of young people shows why they are so deserving of this highest of accolades.

 For the first time ever, a group of individuals were recognised with the Dame Mary Perkins British Citizen Youth Award for the impact that they have made. You can read all about their collective endeavours as well as the individual endeavours of all BCyA medalists by going to the BCyA 2022 Roll of Honour. Each medal is inscribed with the words ‘For the Good of the Country’, and each medalist is definitely good for the country.