Workplace recognition

Following the heroics of those frontline and essential workers during Covid-19, The British Citizen Award recognised that people in the workplace community often go way above expectations in their day-to-day roles. In order to be as inclusive as possible, The BCA created is Special award for people in the workplace, where the CEO or Senior Leadership can recommend an individual to receive the highest workplace accolade in existence.

 To date some very high profile organisations have engaged in this programme which enables the BCA to recognise more people through their endeavours in the workplace environment. The pandemic taught us about the resilience of humankind in a way that we had never had to endure since WWII, yet reminded us of a different kind of heroics. The people who went to work in hospitals in the face of the unknown, the refuse collectors who ensured our streets did not overflow, the utility workers that kept our homes warm and the shop workers who ensured we were fed, did not disappear when lockdown was lifted. They are still here, still working amongst us and still doing some extraordinary things to help colleagues, customers, patients and the general public.

 This programme is the highest civilian workplace recognition for individuals recommended by their leaders. To get on board and show the appreciation you have for your people to a nationwide audience, call Sara Yarrow on 0203 002 7764 and find out how to get involved.