As the Fight Against Covid-19 gathered pace and more people became key and essential workers, we had to find a way to appreciate their heroic efforts.

The British Citizen Award Special Recognition is a way for organisations to recognise staff members and colleagues for exceptional endeavour in the workplace. We have just shipped medals and certificates to the first seven organisations in the UK to use this programme to recognise these exceptional people.

The BCA has ringfenced its gravitas and prestige and only honours approximately 2% of medals per application. Organisations can recommend any of their people, irrespective of nationality, provided that they have committed to helping the British community through their endeavours.

As soon as the deserving recipients receive their medals their names will appear on the BCA special Recognition Roll of Honour – together with a personalised message from their senior leadership team or CEO. We can’t wait to highlight them for helping us through these extraordinary times. More to follow soon….