Your Medal has been specially struck, made with great care, finished with high quality silver-plating, and highly polished to reflect your amazing achievements.

Medals may occasionally slightly tarnish through handling or environmental conditions. We advise that you follow the guidance below to keep your treasured medal looking its finest:

After handling, we advise that you wipe the medal surface with a very soft microfibre cloth. There are some available to buy that are specifically aimed at cleaning jewellery or precious metals.

To clean, we recommend that ‘silver dip’, such as ‘Goddard’s Silver Dip’ is used to clean your British Citizen Award Medal. Immerse the medal into the liquid for a few seconds only. Then immediately rinse it in clean water to wash off the silver solution. Avoid getting the ribbon wet, as this will result in damage. Wrapping the ribbon in cling film or a small plastic bag can help protect it during the cleaning process.

To completely dry the surface, use a microfibre cloth and carefully dab at the metal so as not to damage the surface. Rubbing too hard could damage the silver plating. Never use any abrasive cleaning products because the abrasive structure of the material can scratch the surface.

If you wear your medal regularly (and we hope that you do) occasionally the ribbon may fray over time. If you need to have your medal re-ribboned, please contact us via the website for a quotation for this specialist service.