London Calling…

The 26th January 2023 is the date when we will be calling people to London to celebrate our next cohort of British Citizen Award medalists. Up to 30 of the UK’s most extraordinary individuals will be selected to receive the coveted title of BCA for their positive impact on the community, society or the country as a whole.

Just a quick glance at our Roll of Honour will give you a taster of the type of people who are bestowed the BCA. Whether active fundraisers, charity workers, volunteers, or stalwarts of the community, people are selected in eight categories for their commitment, determination and positive impact.

Whilst we provide these deserving individuals a day to remember at The Palace of Westminster, the capital’s seat of democracy, the use of the acronym BCA after their names serves as a constant reminder of their achievements. So, London will be calling early in the new year for the next group to join the BCA family and to receive The People’s Honours.